Once Upon A Time…
(aka The Toast)

Once upon a time there lived a lovely princess named Jennifer. Only everyone called her Jen. Except for friends in high school who called her "Fu" and her adorable sister who called her "Fufy".

Jen was a fun-loving, silly, hungry, cute, adventurous young princess who loved life. She was often seen hiking in the woods, exercising at the local Gold's Gym, eating burritos with her numerous girlfriends, laughing uncontrollably at America's Funniest Home Videos, or dancing wildly at the Wildcat. Yet, there was something missing.

Jen had a hole in her heart. She knew as a princess that there was supposed to be a dashing young prince in the picture, but they were hard to come by. Most were too tall, too young, and just down-right silly. She ached to find her prince, the one that would one day sweep her off her feet and into the sunset of love. How to find the man – ahem – I mean, prince of her dreams? She knew she needed to ask the help of one special person – the one who loved her like a sister…

In fact, it was her sister! Princess Jen decided to seek the company and counsel of her beautiful sister, Princess Andrea. (Princess Andrea was also looking for her own prince at the time, but that's another story!) Princess Andrea readily accepted Princess Jen's company and knew of the perfect place for them to both find their "Dream Prince". As they approached the young princes performing skate tricks on the handrails at San Marcos High School, Princess Jen wondered, "Can this truly be the place my dear, sweet sister intended for us to find my true love? I can only trust in the stars above…

And the stars did answer; for off in the distance, behind the lush, green trees, in front of the cold stone walls, there she saw him.

He was tough to notice as he moved gracefully behind the video camera taping every jump of his team. And yet, Princess Jen saw the one she knew to be hers forever. With a smile, a laugh, and a Slurpee, both Prince Isaac and Princess Jen walked into the sunset, hand in hand.

Times weren't always easy, though. Prince Isaac and Princess Jen had their hard times, their times of strife, no doubt. Separation and contemplation were their true solace for many months. With time, though, their broken hearts mended and all was made right again. Left-handed golf games resumed and yummy dinners of lobster-stuffed steak and garlic bread were made. They were never to part again, only to live and love forever. Just like a fairy tale. Just like a dream come true. Just like today.

Dedicated to Isaac Oltmans and Jen Oltmans neé Fuson
By Andrea Lauderdale neé Fuson
Shared here with their permissions

A touching wedding ceremony at Alice Keck Park Park followed immediately by a reception at Tucker's Grove saw the above read aloud to the glowing bride and her new husband by her loving sister.

Congratulations, Jen!