Rebecca is one of the sweetest people I've ever known. And I think there are few people in this world who are better at their jobs than she is at hers.

I arrived at Red Robin this evening and was pleased to see that she was working. Quickly I arrived at a decision of Oriental Chicken Salad and strawberry lemonade. Rebecca brought me the lemonade, and when the salad was ready, she brought it along with a glass of Dr Pepper. Why would she do that? Why is that significant?

A few visits back, on a night when, to my disappointment, she did not appear to be working, I'd had a Dr Pepper with my Bleu Ribbon Burger. Near the end of my meal, Rebecca arrived at work and apparently saw me from afar and noticed my order. She came by my table and mentioned it to me, and apologized for perhaps having been pushing the lemonade on me against my will. (While it is true that she always brings it to me without my ordering it, that has never struck me as a burden I had to bear.) So tonight, setting the DP on my table, she said "I know you were just being nice". As I mentioned to her later, while I do vary my drink selection from time to time, I'm always glad to drink the lemonade that she so personably brings.

I've been feeling depressed for the last month or so. I feel guilty about that, because I am so lucky to have Edward in my life. Nonetheless, it's helpful to have such a beautiful and radiant visitor to my life on occasion, personified in her warm smile and gentle voice. In these days of tumult in the world, I would wish that there were more Edwards and Rebeccas in it.

P.S. I'm happy to say that Rebecca was also the first person I asked for an Amaretto Sour after I was introduced to that comforting drink by Ouroboros in Las Vegas. There was a slight defect – it was served on the rocks – and she insisted on getting me another one. She's like that.