Life goes on; so they say.

I've been with NetLojix Communications and its predecessors for about six years. During that time, DMI was acquired, assimilated, morphed from a producer of children's games to a producer of commercial websites under the banner of Addictive Media, and dissolved about a year ago.

I am now the guardian of Draco, the Dragonheart hand puppet. He stands proudly[1] on my desk, available for anyone's use to voice their thoughts in the timbre and accent of Sean Connery. This rule is strictly enforced.

I'm not sure exactly who Eos is referring to as the purchaser of the puppet, but it has to be one of two people that I'm thinking of, and they were both excellent voice impersonators: even better than their Sir Sean was the rendition of George "A Thousand Points of Light" Bush, which would have me in stitches.

My jaw dropped when this was presented to me as a Random Node.

[1] Using a pump bottle of St Ives Vitamin E skin lotion as an endoskeleton, but proudly nonetheless. He's got a lot of life left in him.