I went to Red Robin tonight, and Rebecca told me that that would be the last time I see her.
As she mentioned to me two weeks ago, she's moving to Santa Maria,
although she will be continuing her studies at UCSB.

We had a nice conversation; I wished her well in her future.
She said to me, "Do you ever get up to Santa Maria?"
While that could be just talk, it seemed to me that the most
likely purpose of the question was to indicate that perhaps
this needn't be a permanent goodbye.

But I was still reluctant to push past her (declination? That can't be right -- declinement? Hmmm)
declining my previous request to see her socially, so I lightheartedly said
"No, but I would if I were allowed to".

She got called away then, and when she returned, I made it a little more
clear that what I meant was, I would like to say hello to her sometime
when I am passing through that area. That didn't seem to do anything, though.

So, that's the end of that, I guess. I'll just have to remember her beautiful
smile, her attention to detail, and her special strawberry lemonades that
she made just for me. (In fact, tonight she brought me an
extra dish of strawberries.)

Goodbye, Rebecca.

[September 8] I've reformatted this with a lot
of explicit line breaks so that it can be read easily,
despite all of the ridiculous soft links below.