I finally got some time with Nolan tonight to have the "serious" talk that he's been promising me for a week we would have.

Having written notes so I would keep on track and not forget anything, which turned into an actual letter, I had been dithering about whether I should read it to him, or just have him read it and discuss it with me as we went along. I had been so angry/hurt at him earlier in the evening (when it appeared that another day would go by without this happening) that I definitely decided on him reading it.

He had no problem with any of it, and addressed the points as they came up. He said that all my concerns about overstepping the bounds and damaging our friendship, and carefully orchestrating all my words and actions toward him, and overanalyzing everything he did and everything I did, were not helping me to be any happier. Then he said just the right thing, one of the kindest things I've ever heard.

I'll always be your friend, C-Dawg.
You don't have to worry about that.

Despite the hurt I inflict upon myself when he seemingly ignores me, I want to tell all you people and bots out there in E2land (especially if you read yesterday's rant), he really is a good person.