Today I made my first "voluntary exchange" using Liberty Dollars! (Coincidentally, on the day my Liberty Associate package arrived).

It wasn't just out of thin air, though. About a month ago, I visited a tiny pizza/sandwich place around the corner from my office. A teenager was working the place. I got my sandwich and left a LD1 warehouse receipt in the tip jar.

The sandwich was darn good, so I went back. This time, an older Italian man was working. I got a vibe that he was the owner, and asked him if that were so. He said yes, and I told him that I was a second-time customer and really liked the place. He thanked me, gave me my sandwich. LD1 in the jar and back to the office for me. He's been there every time I've been back.

Twice more, I left a receipt in the tip jar. Then last week, I handed over a $10 FRN and told him I'd take my change in Liberty Dollars, if he had any. He didn't know what I meant, and I showed him the one I was even then putting in the jar. "Oh, yes, somebody's been leaving me those. I don't know what they are." I gave him the ten-second version, and he seemed intrigued.

He was now primed ;)

Today, he rang up the amount for my lunch, and I extended my hand. "Would you like paper or silver?" I asked, my hand containing a $10 FRN and a silver Liberty. "I'll take the silver", and he did.

I don't know if all that was necessary, but it worked for me. Slowly but surely, returning America to value, one dollar at a time!