Today I finished my viewing of Babylon 5. I'll add my upvote and recommend it to anyone who's heard of it but not yet watched it. I'm still hoping for action on the DVD front.

Having seen reference to it many times, and seeing it C!'ed twice this evening, I finally visited donfreenut's writeup in Butterfinger McFlurry. If you haven't read it yet, I would not recommend that you do so (and I'm not trying to dictate your choices). Let me just tell you that it is virtually nothing but profanity from beginning to end, with a nutrient list thrown in the middle.

I made a comment in the chatterbox that I regretted that this kind of writing makes a name for itself on E2. (At the time of writing, it has 17 C!'s.) This was met with comments from various people along the lines of "C-Dawg's in a bad mood, maybe he needs a Butterfinger McFlurry". (That was not anybody's comment, just the gestalt.) And that was followed by a comment from an E2 god, Dude, it's factual. Like that's an excuse for it. And, as I then mentioned in the chatterbox (using plenty of vulgar language, though I can't match the mastery of it illustrated in that writeup), that factual node doesn't even get around to mentioning what a McFlurry is (essentially, ice cream with chunks of candy in it -- though I can't be sure since I've never had one and was not enlightened by that writeup.)

Well, at least that got me borged finally, so now I know a bit about that state, which I wasn't able to learn a week or two ago when I was asking about it in the chatterbox, just from curiosity. In case you're curious:

  • You don't get a message telling you that you've been borged (of course, there is the general message in the chatterbox)
  • You don't get a message telling you that you're no longer borged
  • Unfortunately, I didn't attempt to submit a comment while I was in EDB's belly, so I can't report what happens then.

I know that when people rant like this about E2 shortcomings, the behavior they decry may be from only a few, but I find it disappointing that several people in the catbox (humorously, perhaps) suggested that I shouldn't take issue with such writing. (One noder voiced his agreement with my frustration.) And while I'm glad it has a significantly negative reputation (my downvote put it at -37), I'm very disappointed that it has 125 upvotes and has attained an iconic position in our community. This writeup, and its reception among parts of E2, doesn't sound to me like we're raising the bar.