Being an update on issues expounded previously

  • On January 11, 2002, I mentioned that I'd asked Jennifer to lunch, with the next day being my appointment to have some fillings removed and replaced with the non-toxic kind.

    Tomorrow, I'm having two more porcelain fillings installed where currently reside lumps of mercury/silver/zinc nastiness, so continuing the tradition, I asked her to lunch again today. (It was easier this time. And I simultaneously introduced her to E2, by presenting my year-ago daylog to her.) This time, we went to The Natural Cafe, and I had a grilled veggie sandwich.

  • On December 24, 2002, I told y'all of the wonderful Christmas card that Edward gave me, and my desire to preserve it for a lifetime of savoring. Today, I got it back from Minckler's Frame Shop, and am mightily pleased. A ten inch by ten inch square, asymmetrically tiled by two mats – a greenish woodgrain in an L-shape, and a square of alternating light brown stripes in the upper right corner – with a thin, dark green wood frame. I cut the front off of the card, cut the front into two pieces with a diagonal cut through the long sides, and put them near the upper left and lower right corners; the interior of the card, bearing his wonderfully sweet message, was near the lower left, and a 5x7 picture of him in the brown area. All the elements are deliberately misaligned and slightly overlapping in some areas, and the whole thing is quite wonderful.

    After work, he came home with me to see it, and was very pleased with what I'd done. He thanked me for appreciating it so much, and I again thanked him for it.

  • And a year before that, I mentioned – among other things – that during that year I'd had an unfortunate parting of the ways with a friend. But yesterday, almost exactly two years since we last spoke, I sent him a short message with good wishes. I was a bit trepidous because, after our last conversation, I wasn't sure that he would be happy to hear from me, but this morning I awoke to his reply that showed that he was, which is a Good Thing.

And one new item

  • Today, one of my Ashtanga coaches told me that I'd made significant progress since I started about three months ago, both in flexibility and in deepness of breathing. That was nice to hear.