I went to work this morning determined to ask Jennifer out to lunch[1]. Jennifer works with me at NetLojix, we like each other, and she is soooo H-O-T. It took me a few minutes to actually dial the phone, but she was delighted at the invitation and accepted immediately. After hanging up, I said to myself That wasn't so hard. I don't understand why the memory of that won't help me get through the butterflies next time I try [there is no try -- do, or do not] something along those lines.

Shortly before the agreed-upon time of our assignation, Nolan came by and asked if I wanted to take a walk with him down to State Street to pick up a pizza. As always, I agreed faster than Mr. Spock can say fascinating. This was particularly good, because I haven't seen him, and have spoken with him almost not at all, since before Christmas.

Some people believe that you have to pay for life's pleasures with corresponding pains. Sigh. I still haven't found the US$0.12 cent error in our prepaid liability report (though I did find the cause of a different US$13.33 one). Perhaps the silver lining there is I can try to keep my mind in that version of Hell while a man wielding a drill, who perhaps couldn't become a real doctor[2], attacks two of my fillings tomorrow, possibly causing me to swallow toxic (and, I presume, both bad tasting and less filling) mercury-silver-zinc amalgam which he will be digging out preparatory to replacing it with nice white porcelain, so that he can then proceed to fill my mouth with cold goo from which will be molded a custom-made NightGuard. [3]

B5 watch
I've finished the series; now halfway through A Call To Arms.
The year is somewhere around 2267.

[1] We went to Lazy Acres and ate on the patio. I had a goat cheese with tomato, onion, and roasted bell pepper (in various colors) sandwich. It was yummy.

[2] No offense to all you dentists out there -- TWAJS

[3] I suppose I could have made that sentence longer if I really wanted to.