Ain't worth a Continental

Dramatis personae:


My reading was 58 seconds. I thought it'd be less

Two men are walking abreast.

M1, wiping brow: It's damn good to have work again after all this time.

M2: You did real good today. I'm sure they'll want you back tomorrow.

M1: That's great! I feel like a man again, earning my keep, providing for my wife and me. (Comes to a halt) Hey, wait up a second.

Man1 steps out of view, returns with bread.

M1: Sheesh, prices are up again. I wish I could have bought this this morning.

M2: I hear you. Remember the folks two years ago who tried to warn us? We laughed at them, we said it couldn't happen here: we weren't no banana republic. The dollar would always be top dog. The normal rules didn't apply to us. I wonder where they are now….

M1: Well, this is me. I'll see you tomorrow. (Enters room, greets his wife.) Hi, honey! I got a great job today.

W: (dour) 'bout time. Did you get paid?

M1: Yep. See? (Beams proudly, hands bread to wife.) We don't need both of these candles burning. (Blows out a candle, or pantomimes doing so.) A romantic candlelight dinner!

W: Is that all?

M1: Ten thousand dollars. Earned in ten hours, gone in 60 seconds.