Gee, I wrote this on the train coming back and thought there'd be at least twelve amazingly humorous descriptions of the events that occurred (and didn't occur) at the gathering. Oh well, you'll have to wait for someone else to chime in with that [and the URL for the pictures of WonkoDSane (with Bart; and with ccunning; and with Amy, the waitress at the Court of Two Sisters; and, perhaps with others I didn't witness :))].

I have nothing witty to contribute. I just wanted to say it was great to put faces and real people with some of the names I've grown familiar with on E2.

And I want to thank for their hospitality those that performed hostly services to me at some point during my visit: aphexious, BAR, Templeton, and discofever.

And, without implying any deficiency in the others, I want to tell everyone that aphexious struck me as a very kind and thoughtful person, and my short experience with her convinced me that she is full of compassion and bon homie and joie de vivre. If you have the opportunity to share in her aura, definitely take it!

And, if you find yourself at Nola for dinner, definitely have the arugula/pear/cheddar/cranberry/toasted-pumpkin-seed salad. Probably the best salad I've ever had -- and it cost a dollar less than the menu said!