Today was a day to remember. I met with Bernard von NotHaus, the developer of the Liberty Dollar. On his annual national tour which concludes with his annual inspection of the warehouse that stores the silver backing LD silver certificates, he told me it was very important to him that he stop in Santa Barbara to meet me.

We talked for about three hours. I had some questions for him, and he told me of some of the goings-on at NORFED. Joined by an acquaintance of his, our discussion also took some turns into other areas, including some kind of independence plan (or something) for Hawaii, and prototypes of hydrogen-powered cars.

Before he left, he presented me with a specimen of a LD$500 gold certificate. I was especially thankful for the gift when I saw that its serial number was 000000. I told him that he is a hero in my book, which he brushed off (as real-life heroes tend to do).

Tomorrow will be a day to remember even more, because I'll be in Paso Robles where I'll see Bernard again, as his tour intersects with the current campaign swing of Michael Badnarik, Libertarian candidate for President. I met Mr. Badnarik in March of this year, at the convention of the California LP. The meeting of the two is significant because Michael has named Bernard the Treasury Secretary of his shadow Cabinet.

On Tuesday, I'll probably just get back to my normal funk of realizing that liberty has little chance of returning to this country anytime soon.