I woke up yesterday at six and promptly went back to sleep. Duty, however, called, and I went over to my girlfriend’s house to move (most of) my stuff out of her spare bedroom and living room, where it’s been living since the end of July; her mother (who lives on New Orleans’ West Bank) had decided to come up to Oxford from Baton Rouge, where she’d taken refuge after Hurricane Katrina with my girlfriend’s sister. Pretty much everything that would fit in a car is moved; the only things left are a large bookcase and my chest of drawers.

Of course, after I moved all that (heavy) stuff, her mother decided not to come until Monday or so.

Got paid around two o’clock, so I went to the tax assessor’s office in the Chancery Building on Lamar to get a car tag for the Dodge Intrepid I bought from Dana on Sunday. I’m satisfied with the car, particularly given what I paid for it. It does need some stuff done to it–well, a lot of stuff, actually. But it’s mostly stuff that can be done one thing at a time as I have the money.

Work was slow but irksome. The expeditor kept going outside for long breaks, at one point leaving Thomas and me to take care of things for half an hour. As I said, we were slow, so there was no problem getting orders out, but still, that’s just unacceptable: I’m not getting paid for standing in the expeditor’s window.

I’d intended to go straight home after work, but I decided to stop in at Ajax and say hello, since it was just after 10 (we’d closed the kitchen at Volta around 9:40). Chatted with Joey for a little while when he got off work, but he’d worked a double, so he went home after having his shift beer (I still don’t understand how he can drink Miller High Life). Keylon and I compared notes on Croft vs political science. At some point I found out that the Preacher’s Kids were playing at the Longshot, so–since by this time it was already 11:30–I decided to go over there. Crowded. Packed. I’ve never seen that place so full–though of course, I rarely go in there. Shortly after I got there, Tyler and the boys started playing. There was much rockage. Chatted with Gina after the show, and then walked home.