Im not sure about how much you know about all this but i need help with my situation.

I am currently a 23 year male living in New York. When i was about 7 or 8 i would have these dreams, a black background then colored squares, and the almost sounded like the music from tetris when you loose, but i was seeing everything from a first person view. Almost like i was actually there. I kept wondering what was happening. Then after about a year or two i stopped having this dream. I could never figure out what it meant or what was going on. Then 4 years ago i went to the dentist to have my wisdom teeth removed. During the procedure i was put under N02. Before i passed out i saw that same image and heard the same music.

Here is some more crazy stuff that has occurred to me. I currently am a volunteer fire fighter and have been for 7 years. Ever since day one, no matter what time of day, ill be working and i get a thought that runs across my head, like " A fire call would be great right now." No joke with in 5 mins, my pager goes off and we get a call. If its the middle of the night ill wake out of sleep for no reason, wont be able to fall back and sleep and then with in 5 mins, get called out.

On a number of occasions i will be doing what im doing and i will get a chill down my back. From my neck and it runs down my spine. Every time this happens either of two this happen, either something good or something bad. I got the feeling once and then 20 mins later got into a car accident. Another time i got the chills right before buying a 50/50 ticket, next thing i know im the winner. Is this all coincidence that these occur, or is do i have a premonition that acts on the events of my day. If so do you think that with practice and training i'd be able to almost have like a spider sense.

Please believe me, this is 100% and have actually occurred. Please get back to me on what you think this could mean, and maybe some idea on how to sharpen my tools.