The Wrong Trousers is a classic slice of British comedy and plasticine animation.

The second Wallace and Gromit film by Nick Park's Aardman Animations, The Wrong Trousers was released in 1993. It rapidly became a firm favorite with fans and critics alike, winning an Oscar for "Best Animation".

Starring the bungling but sweet inventor Wallace (Peter Sallis of Last of the Summer Wine fame) and his canine sidekick, Gromit, the film shows the two characters in dire financial sticks - "down to my last few coppers!" as Wallace puts it, and so they decided to take in a lodger to earn a few extra pennies.

Unfortunately our dynamic duo end up sharing a house with the criminal penguin mastermind, Feathers McGraw. Whilst Wallace enjoys the benefits of his latest gadget, the Techno Trousers ("they're ex-NASA, y'know!") the dastardly fish-fancier is planning to use them for a daring diamond heist; with Wallace an unwitting accomplice...

With Wallace attached to his new gadget ("wait a minute -- what's this? It's The Wrong Trousers, Gromit!") and in possession of stolen diamonds, it's down to Gromit, always the real brains of the outfit to save the day and see Feathers locked away - in the Zoo where he belongs.


Cast and Crew:
Animation: Nick Park and Steve Box
Voice of Wallace: Peter Sallis
Production Manager: Peter Thornton
Art Director: Yvonne Fox
Music: Julian Nott
Editor: Helen Garrard
Photography: Tristan Oliver and Dave Alex Riddett
Written by: Nick Park and Bob Baker
Executive Producers: Peter Lord, David Sproxton and for the BBC, Colin Rose
Producer: Christopher Moll
Director: Nick Park