A Laser Radio Terminal or LRT is a small computer equipped with a laser to scan barcodes, a keypad to punch in information, and a radio transmitter/receiver to communicate with the mainframe where a database of products is.

The LRT is capable of a variety of sounds:
short *beep* (for keypresses)
*beep* (Used frequently when you press 'enter')
long *beep* (for instances where the unit needs your attention/loathing)

If your LRT is like mine, then you can Reboot the terminal by:
1. Powering off (this is a soft off)
2. Holding '4' and '5' at the same time
3. Depressing the trigger
4. Releasing '4' and '5' at the same time

If you need to reboot AND change the Terminal ID (the managers get mad if you do this, by the way..):
1. Power off
2. Hold 'A' 'B' and 'D'
3. Release 'A' 'B' and 'D'

Rebooting lets you do a few things:
switch the language your LRT uses between French and English,
bypass a printing error,
Allow you to use the terminal again after trying to enter a new product into the mainframe with the SKU 65535. (or any invalid number, I assume)