I cant believe the things i am reading here right now.
America is not at war. America has suffered the loss of around 5000 souls after a horrible terroristic attack. Thats all. Every day of WWII Killed around 25.000 people, mostly civillians. THIS IS WAR. More death. More suffering. More families crying at funerals. If their son's body is returned, not MIA.
If GWB and people like Mouthpice would fight a war agains terrorism, they have to wipe out THE WHOLE WORLD!
If the "suspects" the FBI (and the german BKA) present us are really connected to the NYC attack, the US have to wipe out Germany, Texas and Florida by now.
Attacking the Taliban will not change anything. If bin Laden really is smart enough to plan something like the events of 11th September, he is certainly smart enough not to be in Afghania by now. If he is half as smart as the US pretend to think, he is in the US right now, watching CNN and laughing his head off. He knows the USA quite well, the US gouvernment trained and funded him and the Taliban, just like Iran, Iraq, Panama and a bunch of outher totalitarian regiemes they once found useful and lateron bombed out.
If the US does not carry on with life in a normal way, searching for the terrorists via Interpol, doing the things a democratic country does when terrorists strike: USE THE POLICE TO TRACK THEM, NOT THE ARMY AND PUT THEM TO COURT, but will use the army to randomly blow away a small, rather defenseless country, terrorists will strike again. This are fanatics, they will gain more power and more followers if the US bombs a muslim country, and even if they did not fly those planes into the Twin Towers and these Pentagons, they will massively attack the US main country, US Army bases in Europe and US embassys around the world after this. We have to stop the violence, not fucking start even more!

Over here in Germany, we have tracked down every member of the Red Army Faction and put them all to court and after that to jail by now, without dropping any bomb, just by normal police investigation. Exept for Wolfgang Grahms who was suspectedly executed by a special commando at the railway station of Bad Kleinen. Officials say it was "suicide".
Anyways, the problem of organized terrorism in Germany is solved since the late 80s.
By the way, the RAf were kinda gentleman terrorists. Once they blasted away a whole wall of a prison to free some jailes members, but not without evacuating the whole area around, so no civilian would be harmed....

All your country are belong to america. Except for Europe. Launch no Zigs there.

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LX: In the war against nazi germany the allies destroyed whole cities, most noteable Dresden, without making any difference whom they kill, not to mention Hiroshima or Nagasaki...
Mouthpiece: c'mon. were on the same side about bin Laden being the bad guy, so you don't want to justify anything the good guys do by saying he did it, too?

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