These Days, strange days...

My life is a mess.
I feel the urge to node it all but i decided never ever to daylog relationship issues again as i know there can be a fellow noder who knows some things about the subject, is maybe even better informed than me and laughs his head off in front of his screen...
Such things happen!
Believe me!

Music for a lovesick day:
The Coffinshakers - The night side of life (Gothic Country)
Slapping Suspenders - Breaking the law (Psychobilly)
This Top Gun love song aka Berlin - Take my breath away
Stray Cats - Elvis on velvet (Rockabilly)
R.E.M. - Paint it black (intellectual Rock)
Rage - Paint it black (Metal)
Rolling Stones - Paint it black (Rock and Roll)
Flat Duo Jets - Lucky Eye (Kinda Country)
Savatage - Belive (Heavy Metal)
Twisted Sister - Burn in hell (Hard Rock)
Desperados - Ghost riders in the sky (Trash Metal/Country crossover)
ASP - Sing Child (EBM)
Manowar - Herz aus Stahl (True Metal)
Fleetwood Mac - Go your own way (Classic Rock)
Foreigner - I want to know what love is (Classic Rock/Pop)

I know that this is quite a strange compilation. For you music nazis out there: If you are interested in any of the lesser known songs: All except for the Slapping Suspenders' Priest cover are available at AudioGalaxy

TBBK: I cry at the ending of Casablanca. Every time.