I updated my Rammstein writeup due to popular demand.

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Well, i got some points to point

There are no word-games in Schrammsteins lyrics. They are plain crap, the have/hate-pseudo-wordgame in Du hast is mostly used by nazi audience to shout HATE! HATE!.
I know, it is a sensible topic, but i strongly belive the way Rammstein uses Third Reich symbols and aestaetics (I know that George Lucas heavily lended ideas from nazi propaganda director Leni Riefenstahl, but it is not fucking the same) in their videos without any critic, but singing 'bout burning flesh, rape and so on is NOT the right way to not being a hero of the dumb nazi youth.
AND Rammstein has a huge number of fans in the nazi scene.
They stole their musical ideas from laibach, put away irony, added violence and became heroes of the nazi youth.

Another example for lyrics made to be misunderstood is Heirate mich (marry me), the above-mentioned song 'bout the guy digging out his dead love.

The chorus goes someway like

Heirate mich

Great for shouting Heil like in Sieg heil, isn't it? Guess what the fucking nazis do.
Disclaimer: I do NOT think Rammstein] are nazis, i think they are lousy musicans making this music to make money with it.

I like industrial music like Die Krupps or Laibach, but i do not like making money by selling nazi music.

Thats all, please dont downvote me for nodevertising, i think the point i make is quite important and want the community to understand what the point is and that there is a valid point, not just a rant.
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