So I went to my second counselling appointment this week. The first visit was very cathartic. It mainly involved me giving a general overview of the past few years of my life. This week, I asked some hard questions. I needed an objective, trained professional to verify some things for me. And, just as I'd suspected, my ex did certain things that were abusive. One particular behaviour falls under the definition of "sexual assault," which gives me exactly the sort of warm and fuzzy feelings you'd expect. So yeah. That was great.

I'm supposed to journal about it, but instead of doing that, I'll tell you about my fitness goals.

I'm going to run a half marathon in 2020. I've already passed the 10k mark, so I may as well keep going. I need to add cross training to my workout schedule, so today I went to a gym that had a flash sale going on. Two months basic membership for $99 plus tax. I'd looked at their regular prices earlier this year, so I knew that was a good deal. They let me choose my activation date. Sunday. I still have my strength training schedule from February, so I'll start back on that and see how far I've fallen behind. Hopefully by not too much. I've also printed out some exercises that improve balance and proprioception. I plan to do more trail running, so having strong, stable ankles is a good idea. 

Hmm what else. Despite all the shitty snow, it isn't horribly cold out yet. So I can still run outside sometimes. I've decided that I don't like the indoor track. However, it might be useful for sprint workouts. I also live at the top of a hill, so on days when the roads are clear, I can do hill training. Oh. AND!!! I now live in an area that is perfect for snowshoeing. I no longer have to find someone with a car to drive me to Quebec just to go on trails. I live right down the street from a trail. Plus, I have my own vehicle and can drive to a nearby park if I so desire. I thought that moving to my hometown would be depressing, but I feel like I'm actually closer now to the things that matter. I don't care anymore about being able to shop or go to fancy restaurants. Though I do miss having a good Indian restaurant nearby. And I'm annoyed that none of the stores here carry mirin. But that's not the end of the world.  

I keep making typoes, so that's my cue to go to sleep. Or rather, it's my cue to listen to podcasts until I fall asleep. Distractions, distractions. I'm supposed to cut back on those. I'm making the effort, but damn it's hard. 

Thanks for reading.