Lately whenever I start "writing" I never seem to be able to finish whatever it is that I've scribbled down on my notepad. I'll be surprised if I end up showing this to anyone let alone posting it.

I always carry my notepad around with me, whether I go to the beach, shopping, or just to uni, it's always with me. Sometimes after I see a breathtaking scenery, if I meet an extraordinary person or if I realise something that I hadn't taken any notice of before I feel the need to write it down word by word.

I still haven't quite figured out why I do this. Maybe I don't want to forget what I've just witnessed as it might serve me later on in life or it might even be of use to somebody else. I might never even show it to somebody but it reassures me to know I still have it, it's down on paper and it's mine to keep.

I know I don't do it because I'm a control freak as I am definitely not one, sometimes I even wish I was so I could lead a more organised life maybe I should make that my New Years resolution, not the control freak part, but just to try and be more organised so I could at least get round to doing things. As to why I scribble phrases or sentences down on paper I'm not sure, but if anyone has any theories as to why I do this please do feel free to inform me. Hopefully I'm not the only one who does this.