A Gibraltarian is an inhabitant of Gibraltar. The British colony is inhabited by 30,000 (llanitos) or Gibraltarians. The people of Gibraltar originally came from a series of European countries such as Spain, Italy, Portugal, Malta, Great Britain and Madeira. The influence of these countries is certainly evident in Gibraltar today not only in the people's mediterranean appearance but also in their surnames, architecture and cuisine.

Gibraltarian is also the language spoken in Gibraltar which is a mixture of English and Spanish with mainly Italian influences. This dialect is the spoken language of Gibraltar even though Gibraltar's first language is officially English. The language has no specific rules on when to switch from one language to the other thus making it extremely difficult for non Gibraltarians to pick up.

A Gibraltarian or the language spoken in Gibraltar are called Llanito(s)/ Yanito(s) in the dialect. llanito is not a written language as it has no official spelling rules, therefore when written it is often very amusing to see the various ways in which people spell words. Many words are either English words changed slightly and pronounced in Spanish eg; Tishe = Teacher, or vice versa with some Spanish words Oculista (optition)= Oculist.