You see, guys can sometimes be a strangely curious lot. Let’s say a man is about to take a shower, and he steps in front of a full-length mirror while he’s naked. Now while examining his naked body, a thought may strike him:

I wonder what it would look like if I had a vagina?

Why does he have this thought? Some sort of question about his sexuality? A sick desire to see a something resembling a vagina, no matter how perverted it may look on him? No one knows why, he just does. So this man, after quickly making sure that no one else is around, tucks his penis and testicles behind his legs. He presses his thighs together to make sure they stay put, leaving only a mound of pubic hair peeking out from his crotch.

This is a mangina.

The man, his question answered, relaxes his legs and lets the boys return to their usual resting place. He will never speak of his mangina to anyone.

I wouldn’t know anything about this.