Weezer’s never completed concept for a second album. After the success of The Blue Album, frontman Rivers Cuomo wanted to do a big time concept album/rock opera in the style of Rush’s 2112. The album was to tell an entire space opera-esque storyline from start to finish. Most of the songs were written while Weezer was stranded in Hamburg, Germany for a week during their 1994 tour. Demos of many of the potential songs were recorded, some of them eventually ending up on Weezer’s actual second album Pinkerton. The known tracks are:

All of these songs at least exist as 8 track demos that Rivers recorded at his home in Connecticut in early 1995. Some of the songs were practiced by the entire band and a few were even performed live. It is unknown how much the Pinkerton songs have been changed from their original version.

The concept album was eventually scrapped due to the rest of the band not really embracing the whole space opera idea, and that after Rivers spent a year attending Harvard he came back with a new set of emotions and ideas that eventually became Pinkerton. Judging from the titles of many of the songs, SFTBH would have had the same overarching themes of alienation and sexual frustration that are found in Pinkerton, but it would have used some sort of science fiction storyline as a framing device.

Bootleg .mp3’s of “Blast Off!” and “Come Into My Pod” can be found at www.sftbh.com. I have to say that “Blast Off!” is absolutely one of the best Weezer songs I have ever heard, it just totally rocks out. I hope that the tapes for this still exist and that someday the album might be released.