My first mushroom trip was a journey of the self, unlike my mushroom trip #2. It was November of 1999 and I was 19 and away at college. My friend Brian, who had quite a bit of experience with this stuff, invited me to trip with him on a boring Friday night. I walked from my dorm room to his apartment, it was a nice and starry night and I only needed a light jacket. After I got there we went into his room and I took about 1/8 oz. He said it would take about a half an hour for them to kick in, so we went and watched some TV. After a little while he started looking a little funny and declared that he was most definitely tripping. I felt nothing. We watched more TV, and then he went off into his room to look at various psychedelic posters and listen to Pink Floyd. I sat around watched more TV, and started to feel really left out. Soon I decided to walk back to my dorm, he came with me because it was on the way to the pool, and he wanted to look at the water. The whole walk home consisted of him repeatedly asking, “Do you feel anything?” and me repeating saying “No”

I got back into my room. My roommate was gone for the weekend, so I started surfing the net and watching an old NewsRadio rerun.

Hmm.. that’s funny, my eyes are starting to lose focus

the mouse starts to feel weird in my hand

and suddenly I lose all fine motor control.

It was about two hours since I took the mushrooms, so they took their sweet time to kick in. I get up out of my chair to call Brian. Actually I flopped out of my chair and onto the floor and crawled towards the phone. My hand-eye coordination was totally shot and after a very long and concerted effort I managed to dial the phone number. He’s not there so I leave a message on his answering machine telling him I'm messed up and call me back ASAP. Then I realize how rambling and incoherent I sound, so I call him again and tell him to save the message so I can listen to it tomorrow morning.

I decide to go for a walk and see the world. Everything looked and felt wonderful. I felt like I was in an FPS game, all objects would just slide though my field of vision. Everything looked completely three dimensional, as though I could see all sides at once. When I focused on an object it seemed to stand out from the rest of the world. I was able to see every individual leaf on a tree. The universe buzzed with energy. The act of rubbing my fingers together was one of the most joyful feelings I’ve ever had. I reveled in experiencing the world around me.

I decided to walk back to Brian’s apartment, as I walked down the street the all of the lights had little flares shooting off of them. The cobblestone street ebbed and flowed like it was water. When I reached Brian’s place he was happy to see I was OK and we go for a walk. We lie down in front of DCL and just look at the stars as they oscillate above our heads. We spend the rest of the night walking and pointing out cool things.

At about 4:00 a.m. I finally start to come down. Overall it was a great night, though I was pretty freaked out by a very lifelike statue at one point.