“Tonight’s been great….and you still haven’t kissed me.”

And everything froze.

Did she just say that?

Mary? The woman that I’ve been shining on from the first moment that I saw her a month ago? Sure it all started with noticing her face and body, then we joked and sang at karaoke a few weeks ago. Which led to deep bonding and giggling over shots of Jägermeister last Saturday at one of the greatest parties ever. I would be making the “shared moment” finger motion if you could see me. Too bad she was taken. Her boyfriend is a lucky man, I told her so at that party. She seemed to be a whole lot of what I was looking for in a woman. I wanted someone just like her. Hell, let’s face it, I wanted Mary.

I leaned in close towards her ear in order to be heard over Murph playing “Wonderwall” on his guitar. My nose pierced into the brown hair that cascaded towards her shoulders and caught a whiff of some beautiful scent that enshrouded her body.

I would really really like to kiss you.” I whispered/yelled into her ear.

“I’m happy you said that”

I pulled back and we looked into each other’s eyes. She developed a devilish little grin as my eyes flicked to the left and glanced at her boyfriend, standing no more than four feet away from us, caught up in some other conversation.

“I think you’re really sexy.” She upped the ante.

“I think you are too. Is this cool?”

She sighed. “The thing is…I’m not sure.”

We’d been touching each other all night. Little pokes and tickles, positions on the sofa that really weren’t necessary but also led to heavy body contact. Out where the music was playing, her ass hitting my hand more than a few times coincidentally. I paid for her drink, stuffing the wad of singles she had handed me down her shirt as she smiled.

I looked back over at Mary’s man - Mark to those who know him, Chach to those who know him well - attempting to talk to Shannon over the din of the music and the crowd. Our eyes met again. My head moved down, hers moved up. To call what happened a kiss is to exaggerate. It was too quick to conduct any heat or electricity, it didn’t cause that wonderful pop that resonates in your head when you break apart. If you want to get technical, it was simply a momentary brushing of the lips. I don’t think anyone noticed.

She has the softest damn lips I have ever felt.

We never broke contact for the rest of the night, my hands were always on some part of her and vice versa.

As she was leaving, she grabbed my shirt and pressed against my ear.

“I’m going to go home with Mark tonight, but I’ll think about you.”

Ain’t that always the way?

I won.