The PC port of GTA 3 has just been released. It is pretty much an exact copy of the PS2 version, all of the violence and mayhem are intact, but this also means that some of the limitations of the console remain.

Big Alba’s review of the game is excellent and is completely applicable to the PC port. Graphically, the texture detail is very good and will not disappoint any PC gamer. There are some clipping issues, but that is to be expected in any 3rd-person game. The original PS2 control scheme remains for anyone with a gamepad, but I am really happy using the keyboard/mouse combo that was developed for this release. The game has yet to crash on me and is very stable.

The game does not have the multiplayer support that was rumored during development. Rockstar has said they didn’t have enough time to implement it, but maybe this can be remedied with a patch. The game still only allows you to save your game at specific save points. With the virtually unlimited storage capacity of a PC, there is no reason not to include unlimited saves. I understand why Rockstar might have wanted to keep the old save system for gameplay reasons, but I still think they should give me the option to play the game the way I want to.

“Recommended” requirements on the box (NOT the “minimum” requirements)
700 MHz Processor
128 MB RAM
700 MB Hard drive space
32 MB video card

My System
900 MHz Pentium III
9 GB hard drive
GeForce2 MX video card

I’m able to run the game at 800x600x16 with a little bit of frame chug. If I kick it up to the next resolution level, it begins to run kind of crappy, so I would consider my system the true minimum to fully enjoy the game. I was very happy that the game files only take up about 460 MB of hard drive space. After all, no matter how big your hard disk is, space is always at a premium.

In my opinion, the best new feature added is the “Your MP3’s” radio station. You can place shortcuts to your MP3 files in one of the game folders and one of the radio stations in the game will play those songs. I never even bother with the other stations anymore.

BrooksMarlin’s GTA 3 Soundtrack

Last One Out of Liberty City” by Less Than Jake (this should be the game’s official theme song)
“Glass’ Theme” by Smashing Pumpkins
Wake Up” by Rage Against the Machine
“All Fucked Up” by Everclear
“Altercations” by The Tossers (the chorus is “Fuck the police”)
“Not That Kind of Girlfriend” by Smoking Popes
“Fuel” by Metallica (symphony version)
“Five State Drive” by Less Than Jake
Cocaine Blues” by Johnny Cash
“Bullet With Butterfly Wings” by Smashing Pumpkins
“Timebomb” by Old 97s
“My Own Flag” by Less Than Jake
“Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me” by U2
Damn, It Feel Good to be a Gangsta” by Geto Boys
“Amphetamine” by Everclear
“Wild World” by Me First & the Gimmie Gimmies
“Jaded” by Green Day
“Can a Nigga Get a Table Dance” by 2 Live Crew
“Let ‘em Die” by Smoking Popes
“Mad Riot” by The Tossers
“Drunken Lullabies” by Flogging Molly
“Hell Looks A Lot Like L.A.” by Less Than Jake

Perfect music to cause havoc by!