Carpet company that serves the Chicagoland area. Best known for their commercials, which are ubiquitous on all local channels, you can catch a snippet of one at the beginning of the movie Wayne’s World. All of the commercials feature a kindly old man, usually wearing his blue Empire Carpets shirt or some sort of wacky costume, declaring the wonders of Empire Carpets. It seems like this guy has been doing these ads since the beginning of time. If you do buy from them, you won’t have to make any payments until next year!! And (until recently) receive a free “Michael Jordan” basketball with your purchase!!

The Empire Carpets phone number and jingle are permanently burned into the brains of anyone who grew up in Chicago. If you think someone is from The Windy City and are not sure, just sing to them “Five Eight Eight, Two Three Hundred.” If they reply “EMPIIIIIIIRE” you know they must be a Bears fan.