I am walking down a street that I somehow know is on South Side of Chicago, but I can't recognize it.

I am walking, suddenly I notice that two of the black-helmeted stormtroopers from Spaceballs are following me. I pass by this movie store that has lots of old movie posters for sale. There are posters for real movies like Blade Runner and Star Wars, but I have never seen these posters before. I evade the stormtroopers, but then a man in a brown trenchcoat follows me. A girl passes by me on the street and I reach out and kiss her. This somehow slows down the trenchoat and helps me lose him.

I keep walking and the girl runs up and introduces herself. She asks me where I live and I say not around here but my grandparents do. She asks me what the address is and I say I don’t know but she can come with me and we can see. We start to walk together and begin talking. Soon we are passing through an open-air fruit market. As I turn to look at her, I see her stealing all the fruit. I ask her what she is doing.

I suddenly wake up.