And so, Laura.

It’s strange how this girl has become a connecting thread through most of my daylogs.

So she came over to my house last night to watch Cube and do a bullshit interview assignment for a class of hers. I have to admit that I’ve secretly had a thing for her since the day we met, and since she finally confessed that she feels the same way about me things have managed to feel simultaneously more enjoyable and more awkward between us considering that we pretty much can’t be together.

But what blew my mind last night was the intense physical attraction that I suddenly felt towards her. I had to do everything in my power to stop myself from jumping her bones. The strange thing is, if you asked me what my preferred body-type is for a woman, Laura really doesn’t fit the type at all. I kinda like my women, umm, soft, if you know what I’m saying. The word “grabable” was settled upon between me and a previous girl as being an accurate term. I mean, I don’t extend it out to the point that Spider Robinson does, but I think that every man likes a little extra meat on there.

Anyway, Laura, on the other hand, is very slim and relatively small-breasted, but is still hot as shit. I've always had a thing for girls with glasses, but I think Laura looks better without hers (she feels the same way about me, so we had a “No Glasses Party”). I find short hair sexy, but last night hers was the longest I’ve ever seen it and it looks gorgeous. I’ve also become completely enamored with her stomach (an area of the body that I usually find myself drawn to in the first place). She insists on calling it a paunch, but it’s perfect.

So we sat on my couch and watched Cube, then did her little interview. She put her legs on top of me and I kept my hands on her thighs, the only physical contact that I would allow myself to act on. But as we talked I felt even more entranced by her by her laugh, her smile, the mannerisms and movements her hands make, the little inflections she adds to certain phrases (oooooo, juicy!!). So I slowly moved down toward her and she slid over and made room for me. I put my arms around her with my head on her shoulder and my face in her neck. She put her head down on mine.

She smelled wonderful. I’ve always found that certain girls just have a specific scent for me. Call it pheromones or some leftover animalistic remnant, but it’s not perfume or something artificial. And I can smell it on Laura now. Past experiences have shown that it usually takes me a while to truly fall for someone, sometimes bordering on years. Last night something was switched on inside of me.

Laura asked me to write about last night in a daylog.

I’m going to be stuck at school all day Friday and I need something juicy to read

You get what you ask for.