Nobody I know uses that slang. That's lame standard French, which is used by people in France. "putain", "mec", "meuf", that is *so* France. Here's some slang for Real Men (Quebec slang) (Warning: parental guidance suggested):

  • criss: General swear word, put randomly into sentences. Not very offensive.
  • ostie: General swear word. About as offensive as "damn".
  • tabarnac: Another general swear word. Almost as offensive as "fuck". By the way, these first 3 are derived from names of things in church: blasphemy was offensive in the past.
  • marde: Shit.
  • foque: Exclamation expressing dismay. Taken from English "fuck", but not nearly as offensive.
  • foule: A lot. Taken from English "full".
  • hotte: Awesome, kickass. Taken from English "hot".
  • coche: Cop.
  • trou de cul: Asshole.
  • cave: Idiot.
  • con: Idiot.
  • fiche: Idiot, sucker.
  • buter: Beat up.
  • fourrer: To fuck, in the sexual sense, or to screw up.
  • bouffe: Food.
  • crisser le camp: Move, leave.

    Example uses:
    L'ostie de criss de char de merde veut pas partir, criss de tabarnac!: The goddamn shit car won't start, fuck!
    Foque de merde! C'est les coches! Crisse ton camp, ostie de con!: Damn shit! It's the cops! Get out of here, you fucking idiot!
    Maudite merde qu'y est hotte c'te char là!: Shit, that car is awesome!
    Mon ostie de frère, y'est foule cave.: My goddamn brother, he's totally moronic.
    Y a fourré ma blonde!? J'vais le buter, le tabarnac de trou de cul! Ostie, là y'est vraiment dans marde.: He fucked my girlfriend!? I'll kick his ass, that fucking asshole! Damn, now he's really in the shit.
    L'ostie de fiche, y'a tout fait crisser le camp à terre pis tarbarnac, là ma bouffe est pus mangeable.: That damn idiot, he pushed everything on the floor and fuck, now my food is inedible.

    I'll add some more when I think of them :).