"Without Me" is the first single from Eminem's forthcoming album, The Eminem Show. It start's with a quick sample from a old school rap single, which is presumably a link from the previous track on the album. I don't recognise the sample itself. This is then cut off, to be replaced by a rather bizarre chant of "Two trailerpark girls go round the outside," which is sung as if something from a primary school playground. Upon first hearing this, I was rather worried, believing that Eminem had become frighteningly pop-sounding.

Not so. The record quickly gets going, and I think no real Eminem fans can be disappointed. I didn't take to it at first listen, but it is the ultimate grower; it is superb. Up for dissing this time is, of course, Chris Kirkpatrick (of 'NSync "fame"), Limp Bizkit, and Moby. He also wastes no time in insulting his mother; a minute and a half, and the classic line, "I just settled all my lawsuits, fuck you Debbie!" It sounds like Eminem is back to his best.

In fact, the record is shot through with great lines, but text cannot do justice to Shady's pristine delivery. Needless to say, Eminem is as lyrically impeccable as ever; there's double rhymes, triple rhymes, all over the place, and the rhyming scheme is advanced. To slip into the hip-hop vernacular briefly, "the guy has mad skillz".

The backing music, by Eminem himself and highly reminiscent of his work with D12, and sounds very similar to Purple Pills. It fits the pantomime style of the record perfectly, and is curiously memorable as rap backings go.

I think it fits my Grand Theory of Eminem perfectly. Enjoy.

Thanks TallRoo, koreykruse and anotherone for corrections.