It was really cool meeting more E2 people! I've put up some photos, so far without captions (I'm lazy.): see (and bug the gods to give us ability to do real links :-P.

Patterson Park is a particularly pleasant place, which made me wish I had brought my bike along to use there. The competitions I was able to make it in time to witness were largely quite entertaining and quite worth marvelling at the creativity of those competitors! I'm a person of quite bad memory, so the best way to see what it is like is to take a look at the photographs; I'll make sure to caption them soon, and see if any of them jog my memory explicitly, but it is quite unfortunate that I wasn't able to show up in the morning and had more of a chance to experience the day.

Biggest highlights for the short time I was there: the pink shirt/yellow and black shorts, scrubs, justice team, and of course, the star of the show, mud!

Next noder meet I'll make sure to arrive some time near the BEGINNING, too! Since I wasn't there the whole day, would anyone like to post a complete list of all the noders who showed up at different times?