Daisuke Ido is a character from the popular manga, Battle Angel Alita.<\p> Known as Gunnm in Japan, Ido is a cybernetics doctor in the Scrap Yard, a corrupt, dirty city, filled with humans and cyborgs, set in the distant future. He finds Alita in a broken heap in a scrap pile, and lovingly brings her back to life, not knowing that she has spectacular martial arts powers, enough to kick a huge cyborg enemy's ass!

Ido plays a large part in Alita's life, representing a father figure for the girl, and fixing her body whenever it needs it. He is a kind, warm-hearted man who loves Alita dearly, and only wants the best for her. When he discovers how well she can fight, he wishes she could just be a normal girl, and dress up, be feminine. Alita goes against his wishes, and registers as a Hunter Warrior, a bounty hunter. Being understanding of her will to fight, he lets her fight alongside him, as he is a hunter warrior himself. Ido believes in Alita's powers, and provides her with one of the most powerful cyborg bodies, the Bezerker.

SPOILER: If you haven't yet read all the manga, don't read this :)

Dr Ido dies in volume 5 - Angel of Redemption, but is resurrected at the hands of Desty Nova using nanotechnology. After Ido finds out the 'secret of Tiphares', he erases his memory, causing him to not remember Alita when she visits him for the last time.