I was resting on the tan stairs of my house after I'd taken some ecstasy. There were dim lights on in my house. They were eerie, and not at all warming.

I had not actually done anything, but somehow I knew that I had taken it. My dream simply started here. I never took drugs before in real life.

I felt as if I was drowning in my mind. I no longer had a train of thought; my thoughts were a million jets zooming around inside, with no pattern. Neurons were making connections for no reason. My brain was moving at the speed of a computer. I saw red light patterns drifting, like the LEDs on a Cray supercomputer. Maybe my mind was simply a neural net. There was so much action, and nothing was accomplished. It might have even been a seizure.

I did not see out of my eyes. I saw myself from about a meter to my front-left. My body simply sat there, in a state of sensory overload. My head rested in my hands for a timeless interval.


I was at some sort of plaza. It was circular, with concentric rings of colored brick; red, blue, green, yellow, and lavender. At the center was an elegant fountain, but I don't recall its design. The whole brick circle was about 20 meters in diameter. Outside of it was perfectly green grass with small, red-and-white striped circus tents all around. There were people everywhere, and the were definitely talking, but I couldn't understand any of it. (Also, I was now not on any drugs.) There was no sky. Not blackness, not white. Just Nothing.


I found myself on the back of what I knew was a camel. (I am still in the plaza.) I nervously tried out the reins, seeing what it could do. At first, it trotted, and I presently became able to steer it. I went counterclockwise around the fountain several times. Once, the camel began to speed up, and I almost fell off, but I regained control.


I became the camel. I moved my limbs, the camel moved his. I saw through his eyes.


In retrospect, I know it was not a camel. It had a camel's head and fur, but it only had two legs.

It was not a lucid dream, it was not a frightening dream. But it was the strangest dream I ever had.

And I'll never try ecstasy.