Damn ye cruel fate! Alas, time and space have conspired to make my attendance highly unlikely. Take many pictures, write many nodes, drink many drinks and eat many poop you cats for me.

Ye olde info below is for last year, left here for posterity's sake.
Even further info: MightyMooQuack has generously offered his N64 for Goldeneye goodness as well as his large collection of PC games.

Further info: So it looks like the LAN's going to be set up at Chez 1337 courtesy of je weasel rather than the former generous offer of casa de qousqous. Anyone who wants to should bring a computer (presumably a laptop if you're coming in from a ways away), and we'll supply power and hubs. Also, any who have truly old school games that require gathering about a single terminal should definitely bring them.

The Avalon is sounding better and better with the promise of Skee Ball and DDR for the more physically arcade minded. And P_I is apparently a DDR fiend, so the truly inactive should still find enjoyment in his prancing and dancing about.

In non-CRT related events, Frisbee has been proposed and seconded, so bring your running feet and catching hands!

Everyone loves games, so let us gather together to play them, as they did in the days of yore. Work is proceding on creating a LAN for Old School Games, New School Games, and Somewhere In-Between Games. Also, there is a possibility of Gamecube gaming featuring Super Smash Brothers Melee, and Turok: Evolution. Finally, a trip to the Avalon is in order, which features a slew of arcade games for a pittance of what modern arcades cost, as well as movies for cheap. Come one, come all and

Let the games begin!