The future tense in Spanish is very simple compared to the other tenses.

The conjugation is the same for -ar, -er, and -ir verbs.
Apart from a few irregular verbs, you just add the appropriate ending to the infinive, keeping the "ar", "er", or "ir" at the end (unlike the other tenses).

Yo: é
Tu: as
El: a
Nosotros: emos
Vosotros: éis
Ellos: an

The conditional tense (example: "I would...") is like the future tense, but with different endings. The conditional tense endings:

Yo: ía
Nosotros: íamos
Tu: ías
Vosotros: íais
El: ía
Ellos: ían

I believe this is correct, though Spanish teachers have been known to teach things that aren't actually correct as part of the curriculum.