I don't see why it is that so many people turn away from Christianity or Judaism because they believe there's no logical reason to believe in God, and then immediately turn to the equally illogical belief that there is no god. Saying that you're sure that there isn't a god doesn't make any more sense than saying you're sure that there is a god. It really annoys me when I hear people telling other people that they're atheists in a voice that sounds like they think they're much more intelligent than people of other religions because they don't believe in God.

I will admit that there is probably much more chance of there being no god than all of the specific beliefs and stories of Christianity and Judiasm being true, but Atheism is no more logical than the belief that a god exists.

Amelinda - I agree with your point. I'm not sure whether "for a refutation" refers to my writeup or siren's. If your refutation was for my writeup, I actually said basically the same thing as you did at the end of my writeup.