A liquid crystalline polyester resin developed by the Carborundum Company in the 1960s. It is currently manufactured by Saint-Gobain, which acquired the Carborundum Company years ago.

Applications It can be easily blended with PTFE. This can give it an even wider range of applications inculding
  • low-k dielectric material
  • self lubricating bearings
  • O-rings
  • piston rings
  • seals
  • Flexural Strength ----------------------- 5500 psi
  • Elastic Modulus ------------------------ 1000000 psi
  • Thermal Conductivity ----------------- 3.9 BTU/hr-ftxft
  • Glass Transition Temperature ----- >600°F
  • Density ------------------------------------ 1.44 g/cc
It is resistant to most solvents except sulfuric acid.


The repeating structure is.
  _  Oxygen                          _
 |     ||                             |
 | - Carbon - Benzene Ring - Oxygen - |
 |_                                  _|

Manufacturing Notes

It is easily machinable, and when used as an abradable seal for jet engines, it is plasma sprayed on.


It is one of the first liquid crystalline polyesters, a family of materials known for there exceptional stiffness and thermal stability. It is named after James Economy, who was the head of research at the Carborundum Company.

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