Alive and Well? Well, Alive anyway.

I've returned to the world of E2, if only briefly. Real Life has managed to throw a few curve balls my way recently. Returning to the world of semi-gainful employment hasn't helped. I hate job hunting, and hate temping even more. But what's a person to do? The current economic state means mid-level types have to whore themselves for an "IN". I have found myself submitting resume after resume, only to recieve fuck you letters or no response what-so-ever. Now, some of you might think that means I'm severly under qualifed, but I promise you that's not the case. Our local job market currently has approximately 10 applicants for every opening... this makes companys just a bit lax in good manners, and even more able to be PICKIER than ever. It sucks, but it's life, and I move on.

A quiet, understated THANK YOU goes out in this note to one who took the time to contact my husband. You, alone, realized I was among the missing and cared enough to take the time to find out why. On a day when my ego had been bashed beyond recognition, you showed there was still some who cared. And believe me, that's apprecited!

I've some thoughts for some new w/u's I want to do. Nothing real concrete yet, but I'm working on it. Maybe in between job hunting and my kids I'll find the time to actually get them written.