His Name is Daniel

It was a year ago today when it happened. We were celebrating my daughters birthday and my son brought his girlfriend with him. This was a fairly new girl, one I really hadn't had a chance to get to know; althouh, they were already living together.

The minute they came through the door, I KNEW. Don't ask me how, I just DID. I told them I knew... and they denied it. Said there was absolutely no way.

By my birthday (my 39th specifically) THEY knew. They were expecting a baby. My son, my only son, was going to be a daddy!

To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. But in retrospect, all the signs were there. If you believe in fate and predestiny, you have to know that every turn of his life in the months prior were but signs of what was to come. He had moved out in April to live with several friends. That's when he met HER. She lived upstairs, though the details are sketchy it seems she was only staying because she had no where else to go.

In June they got their own apartment, and things looked like they might be changing for my Boy. Suddenly he seemed responsible, mature, and ****GASP**** planning for his future. At 20 he often was so torn between being an adult, and being a kid. You know, the free spirit kind that gives no thought to what might some day be.

In October the free spirit won, and they lost everything because of one stupid decision. The car... GONE, the apartment... GONE, the job... GONE. And Mom to the rescue. What could I do? What could I say?

Over the months I realized I do NOT like this girl. She's flighty, almost stupid at times, and has NO common sense whatsoever. But, she was carrying my grandchild. A fact I was still trying to absorb. You see, I'm not a baby person. Even with 3 kids of my own, I've never been one to goo and gaa over infants. Give me toddlers and give me teens... I can relate, even enjoy. But squalling infants??? What's to enjoy?

Then I got the shock of a lifetime. She was carrying a boy! Now, if I have to be a grandma... I want a grandson. One who looks just like his DADDY. But with his mommy's disposition. She's always bright and cheery... no matter what. Stupid, but happy nontheless.

In April he was born. Looking so much like his father at birth it took my breath away. Beautiful skin, dark hair, and muscle tone not often seen in new borns. He has his mothers eyes. But with his fathers native american coloring... well, the ice blue eyes just make you gasp with glee.

As my son handed me his child... my first born grandson, he said to me, "Mom, I know if you had ever had another boy you would have named him Daniel Scott... so, may I introduce you to MY son, Daniel Scott Greene!?

Yes, there were tears. Tears of joy and fear. His parents are in no way financially ready for this little boy. But they will try, I have to grant them that. This week he rolled over for the first time. He is trying so hard to form words... the first of which will be DaDa. And when he's 2 I'm going to take him fishing, bug catching, and climbing trees! Just like I did his daddy at that age.