Is Home Cooking just another concept that's gone by the wayside? As man has progressed through the ages, cooking itself has also changed. Once man ate only what he found growing outside his cave. Then came a time when man discovered that other animals were eating each other. Now THAT was a concept!

Man then began to eat the animals. By what I'd like to believe was pure accident, man discovered that fire would make the animal more palatable. And Home Cooking was born. Well, at first it was Cave Cooking, but you get my drift.

Over the ages Home Cooking became an art. Everyone who traveled would yearn for a home cooked meal. While food eaten elsewhere was good, fantastic, or fabulous, it never matched Moms Home Cooking. Phrases such as "Mom always used X ingredients when she cooked hers" would be uttered in the most unusual places. College dorm rooms, naval ships, airplanes, just about anywhere people came together.

Today it seems you never hear those words anymore. Food now comes prepackaged. And the less preparation the eater has to do, the better. Fast Food has become a way of life. Most people can tell you which fast food place is best, yet could not tell you the ingredients in a simple pot of Spaghetti Sauce. When was the last time you heard two people discussing the best brand of flour to use in making bread? Or which cut of beef makes the best Bourguignonne?

With luck, the advent of such kitchen gadgets as the Bread Maker, Pasta Maker, and Ice Cream machine will have people once again creating Home Cooked meals!!