My Sister still Speaks

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reQuest 2019

"For Auspice, Chord, BookReader, Zeph, and anyone else who feels the urge: And we killed him and he's dead. needs some zombie flash fiction."


On the seventh day from the dead town, they came across an odd sight. Meridian spotted it first, she had the sharpest eyes, but it was Alaska who said they should investigate.

A lone figure at the tree line, not moving very fast. Or not at all, really: a zombie caught in a bear trap. The flesh around where the rusted teeth gripped has worn away leaving bone, but those teeth were embedded deep and the zombie hadn’t the presence of mind to chew its leg off.

It lunged at them, but as the trap didn’t have much of a lead, it came up short.

“Oh, wow,” Alaska said, keeping a good distance away, holding her hands behind her back like a visitor to an art museum. “I’ve never had the chance to see one this close.”

“What are you talking about?” Meridian asked. “You see them up close all the time.”

“When I’m fighting them, sure,” the other returned. “Maybe we can do experiments on it.”

“Let’s not,” Meridian said drawing her sword.

“Hold on,” Alaska said. “Just one second.”

Male. Late twenties, rotting clothes. Fungus set into the cheeks and eyes, pieces of flesh falling off. But no flies, or any other type of bug. Insects avoided zombie flesh.

“It will bring every zombie in the area,” Meridian said. “Better to kill it and move on.”

“Can I try?” Alaska asked. “It’ll be good practice.”

“Sure,” Meridian said, reversing her grip on the sword and offering it.

The other woman took it and made to swing it.

“No,” Meridian said. “It’s not a baseball bat. You don’t need that much force.”

The zombie snapped at them, pulling on its chain. The chain held.

“The cutting edge doesn’t need much force. The power comes from your legs. Step forward as you swing, one clean motion.”

Alaska adjusted her stance. Meridian shook her head, and demonstrated.

“You want to have as little motion as possible so you don’t telegraph your attacks,” Meridian said. “You want--”

There was a tearing sound as the zombie’s left knee joint tore from its socket as it hurled itself at Alaska. The leg tore free as it launched itself.

“Shit! Shit! Shit!” Alaska screamed as she was knocked to the ground.

Meridian moved very quickly. The sword had been thrown. Too far away. She kicked the zombie in the head, hard enough to send it spinning. She then charged, smashing its remaining leg with her boot.

Once it was immobile, she retrieved her sword and calmly beheaded it.

“Did it bite you?” she asked.

“No,” Alaska said. “God. I thought it was trapped.”

“That was an old one, they’re falling apart. I wonder what happens when they completely rot away. You suppose the bones keep--”

“Meridian!” Alaska said. “Please, not now. I need-- I need time to breathe. Shit.”

They waited by the forest for a few minutes before continuing on.

prologue 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 8a

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