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Yow, Listen up bizitches. The names Justin you had better learn it, cuz yo punk ass will be seein twenty times more of me in the next short few days. I dont even like this website and basically everyone here has a "I hate your writeup Im downvoting it, go back to high school attitude." This will all be changed NOW. Ive written three shitty writeups because I'm a begginer at this new school game, and the writeups wasnt even all that whack to begin with. And my Chatterbox, whatever the fuck that is, Is filled with, "How old are you?", "Where are you from?" "Go back to high school." Im gonna answer all this shit now. I grew up my whole life in Buffalo, New York. My life is about fulfilling my desires. What I want I do. I is what I is aight?. I drive an Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera 93', it aint my fuckin choice at least its a fuckin car ( Its my pimped out ride), im only 17 But i'm defintely above high schoollevel. I dont care much for writing with correct english and shit so im not going to. If you guys wanna delete my writeups fo' that go ahead but it aint blingin. Lemme start you bitches off fresh, IE: All your base are belong to us, that shit aint funny because its got correct english. SO FUCK OFF ABOUT MY WRITING, I could write normal if I wanted to be just a normal person. I like beer, I like women, I hate television, AND I DONT SMOKE POT. THE END.