A dormitory on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology campus, located directly across from the 77 Massachusetts Ave. entrance.

Bexley, though it is located on the west side of campus, has the dorm culture more reflective of the east side. The walls of Bexley are covered in murals, grafitti, song lyrics, and bullshit sayings.

At one time, say in the 60's, Bexley was the most hardcore dorm on campus. For awhile, the Bexment, Bexley's basement, housed an LSD laboratory that was the primary producer of the drug on the eastern seaboard, prompting a legendary visit by the FBI. See Bexley vs. the FBI.

Since those times, Bexley has become much more tame, much to the delight of the clueless MIT administrators. Currently, a large population of sorority girls have infiltrated the dorm, significantly toning down the edge of Bexley. The Bexley Anti-Fascist League is committed to restoring the dorm's original culture.

Bexley also holds the distinction of being the only dorm not to participate in MIT's Dormcon. Past presidents who act as representatives to Dormcon have included 80's rapper Flava Flav, the Gourmet Pesto Salmon from Baker Dining, and black people. Presidents of Bexley must not be residents, and are chosen at random time intervals by a highly democratic Latin American procedure, monitored by the Bexley Anti-Fascist League.

Bexley traditions include the annual Crossdressing Party, Beast Roast an all-day barbecue, bottle nights, and the infamous Anti-Rush.

At Bexxxley, there are three rules, prominently posted on the wall of the black-lighted Space Center in the Bexment:

1. Bury your own dead.

2. Freshmen cannot smoke pot in the elevators.
(There are no elevators in Bexley.)

3. No more rules.