I have a lovely t-shirt I picked up whilst working for Mobshop Germany, which reads "Ich mobse gern!" The intended meaning of this phrase is "I enjoy mobbing," but given that mob is an English word, the closest translation is actually "I enjoy titties."

I wear this shirt at every opportunity.

You can also play the old 'confuse babelfish' game at http://boldra.com/garbleboy/

Some of my favourite double-machine translated phrases:
  • "Nick cave and the Bad Seeds" becomes "Cut cave and the false initial values for random number generator"
  • "Each of the primates, a spider monkey this time, spent one month in space." becomes "Everyone the Primas, a spider drop hammer of this times, spent one month in the workstation."
  • "I cant even remember if we were lovers or even if i just wanted to.i held her in my arms" becomes "I tilt remind even, of if we loving was, or even, if I required even, to. I she in my levers continued."