For my money, the best thing about Munich airport is the free internet access. This isn't some dodgy terminal with limited services, a huge queue and lots of ads like you get for free in Zurich Airport, no, this is free wireless internet. 802.11, wlan.

Since October 2001, two wireless points in the airport have opened up, one in the departure lounge (only for people with tickets) and one in the shopping centre by the train station. I'm currently at the latter, "cafe Treffpunkt" (cafe meeting-point). There's noone else here with a laptop, which surprises me, since the service is full 11Mb, . I even think it's worth the € 9 and 80 minutes on the train from Munich city (40 minutes each way). Of course, you will want to take your spare battery(ies) to make the most of it.

I think this is currently the only place on the web with this information in English.

Warning: The coffee at cafe treffpunkt is foul.