A common program used among Starcraft players used to change your nickname when you play a multiplayer game on Battle.net. Your name will appear different than the one you are logged on to Battle.net as, and you can pretty much set it to anything, including colors and other control codes.

Obviously this is not endorsed or even allowed by Blizzard, however it is possible to do it with even a little amount of API programming skill, or if you find your own. Many nick spoofers for Brood War 1.08 are circulating the Starcraft scene, most of them completely worthless except for the Valhalla Legends spoofer and the SCBackstab spoofer, both of which are released internally, and not to the public.

To create your own Nick Spoofer in any language, even Visual Basic, follow these steps:

FindWindow on the "Brood War" window name (you can also use SWarClass).
Convert it to PID with GetWindowThreadProcessID.
OpenProcess the pid.
Then, do a WriteProcessMemory at offset 0x190314E8.
This new memory that you write will be your nickname in the next game you join with Brood War.
CloseProcess as required.

Mess around with colors (0x02-0x07), control codes (0x12 = right align, 0x13 = left align), but be aware: any characters you can't use in a battle.net nickname will get you a 6 hour ban on Battle.net. Also, all games with a spoofed nickname count as a disconnect on your record.