Seriously. You'd think by now someone would have figured out the formula to making a better, more efficient, more powerful version of humans.

I mean, what's the big idea with forcing us to eat, three times a day, every day? That really doesn't make sense. And this whole notion of eating food because it tastes good is ridiculous, especially because none of the food that tastes good is useful as fuel. Certainly there is some way a pill or energy drink can be developed that gives humans all the nutrients they need for a day and takes away those pesky notions of "hunger," "appetite," and "cravings." We would just drink it once and be good for the whole day. That would make much more sense than the present system.

And what about this notion of pain? Isn't there some way humans can be notified of damage to their person without physical pain? Some kind of warning light would be nice. Maybe a speaker that tells you exactly what's wrong.

And then there's the fact that all our parts wear out, yet none of them are easily replaceable or interchangeable. Long ago, in rifle factories, they came up with the idea of interchangeable parts. I think it would make sense to implement that procedure in the production of new human beings, as well.

And then there's the whole sleep thing. Think how much more time you would have to do the things you needed to do, if this mandatory eight hour rejuvenation period weren't neccessary every day. It's preposterous. It's bad enough we're all in a constant state of decay, but having to refresh ourselves once a night is just insulting. I hope someone's working on rectifying this.

Frankly, it's pretty evident to me that automobiles are far superior to humans in many ways. One of these days, those scientists are going to have to work on a human-car crossbreed.