For me, it's still Monday as I write this. I can only imagine now what wonders await me on Tuesday.

Perhaps I'll meet some beautiful woman who will love me and hold me in her arms and make me late for my train, but it won't matter, because I will have her to go back home to when I miss it.

Perhaps I will be wrongfully arrested for some terrible crime I never committed and spend the day in jail, hungry and parched, no gum or cough drops to satiate my mouth.

Maybe I'll walk into traffic or take the elevator down too far into a pool of water that causes it to short out, killing me.

I don't know. But someone does. For some of you, Tuesday has already come. Some of you are far into Tuesday already, and here I am, stuck in Monday, unable to see what you see.

Perhaps one of you for whom the days have already changed could clue me in. Maybe someone could call me and see what's happening in my life on Tuesday, and then post it here and let me know what to expect. Please! I can't live with all this uncertainty.